Grimsby Dock Tower

As you drive into Grimsby, one of the first things you spot is its iconic landmark – the Dock Tower. Completed on March 27, 1852 – Grimsby Dock Tower is almost 168 years old.

The ground floor of the tower was lined with pink, white and blue drapery when Queen Victoria came with Prince Albert to visit the dock and officially open the tower, two years later, in October, 1854.

Her Majesty gave permission for Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal to accompany Mr Randel in the hydraulic lift to the gallery running around the tower to view the surrounding areas.

Although seen now as a maritime landmark, it was built as a hydraulic accumulator tower, for the purpose of containing a 30,000-imperial-gallon (140,000 L) reservoir at a height of 200 feet (61 m).

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